Add Some Gaming Spice to Dating Life


Got a gentleman or lady you want to impress? Or are you looking to spice up your dating routine with your significant other? Why not try a board game? A board game offers creative quality time for communicating and having fun with your partner. In April, DateBox included Yamslam in their game date box theme. They said later in their article on dating games, “Our absolute number 1 favorite date night game is Yamslam… We can tell you that it’s fun, addictive, and you can play over and over again without getting bored.” Games are a perfect way to spice up a date night for couples across the board, whether it’s their first date or fourth anniversary. But Yamslam isn’t our only epic matchmaker. We have five more games worth breaking out on your next romantic evening. Just a side note, we are not talking about games that will involve sexual arousal or something that will lead to sex. If you want ideas on that, Fiona Petree of PlugLust can help you with her list. This article will be talking about the other side of the coin.

Table for Two

Not every game requires a crowd, and often the best games are limited to two. Here are three games that will spur some competition between you and your one and only.

From its sophisticated design to its small set of rules, Niya sets the mood for some intimate quality time mixed into some strategic game play. Each tile you draw influences your partner’s next move, opening perfect strategic opportunities to test how well each player knows the other. While on the surface it might be a matter of lining up four tokens in a row, in truth, just like in garden conspiracy, your victory may lie in how you relate with your opponent across the board.


Blue Orange Games’ newest on-the-go strategy game doesn’t leave room for an awkward pause when waiting for dinners or movies. U-Turn’s easy portability serves as a perfect kickstart to a conversation in the car or in the theater. Whether you and your partner enjoy the mental thrill of piecing a strategic puzzle together or you simply enjoy snapping together a sculpture, U-Turn is the perfect puzzle to spark some spontaneity during your special night.


If you enjoy scoring goals, making baskets, or kicking up a race with your partner, this is hands down the best challenge to bring on your next date. Fastrack is a high speed, head-to-head race perfect for couples who thrive on the thrill of the phrase “best two out of three”. It’s addictive with intense competition that will rev some fun into your evening before bonding over that candlelit dinner. On the weekends you and your partner can play WoW, it’s loads of fun especially when you have a teammate. I also just recently found out that Gold4Vanilla launched their WoW Classic: Burning Crusade section for players looking to buy tbc classic gold.

Make it a Double

While it’s important to set aside time for just your one and only, some of those most special moments can be found in a crowd of friends or alongside another couple. Here are a couple of double date hits in our game collection.

Cup of BluffCup of Bluff
Can you pull a poker face on your partner? For new and old couples, Cup of Bluff is a great game to flirt with deception and score some points. Test how well you and your partner can catch each other’s tells in a date night bluff battle between each other or on a double date with your friends.

What better game for a double date than this silly wink-fest? Craft alliances in secret with the wink of an eye to score points while avoiding the suspicious glances from your opponents. Wink is an amazing game to laugh and bond with your better half, and friends, over silly faces and deceptive competition.

While dinners and movies can create intimate moments and important quality time with that special someone, it’s good to remember that sometimes the best date ideas are as simple as pulling fun out of a box with a well-crafted board game. What better way to spend your night than to roll the dice and play your cards with the person you care about most? If you’re more interested in computer games then visit for LoL accounts that are ready for ranked games.

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