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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 was a difficult year that brought on unthinkable challenges and hardships for many of us. Throughout this year we have been extremely grateful for the simple pleasures in life. In these uncertain times, playing board games has allowed us to escape the world for just a minute. Board games have provided reliable smiles and laughs and has kept us occupied when we have been stuck indoors. We have loved seeing our Blue Orange family using our games during this time and the cheer and joy that it has brought to so many of you!

With the holidays right around the corner we know that many of you are looking for meaningful gifts this year. Our holiday gift guide is the perfect tool to get the most amazing games for everyone on your list. 

Blue Orange Gift Guide 2020
Fish Club game

Fish Club

Invented by David Wexler, the son of the inventor of Connect 4. Fish Club is the winner of several prestigious awards including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. Fish Club is a classic strategy game with a twist! Two families of fish go head to head for the best spot in the new aquarium! Players choose one of their fish pieces to drop in the tank with the goal of keeping their fish together. The game has a randomized floor which causes the fish to scatter and move when new pieces are added. The first player to connect 5 of their fish together is the winner!

Bye Bye Mr Fox game
Save the Dragon game

Bye Bye Mr. Fox!

In this adorable cooperative game, help the hens keep their chicks safe from the cunning little fox! Move wisely and make sure the fox doesn’t steal the eggs from the chickens before they can bring them home. Players must work together to move three eggs into each hen’s house to win the game.

Save the Dragon

It’s time to use your royal powers! Do you have the strength and cunning to rescue the helpless dragon from the mean guards? Climb the stairs to the dragons tower…but watch out for falling boulders! The guard will try to knock you off and send you back to the start! 

Slam Cup game
Gobblet Gobblers game

Slam Cup

Match the cups then slam then down fast! Slam cup is a fast paced matching game. Match the color on the inside of your cup to the color on the outside of the top cup on the stack. Then slam your cup on top as fast as you can before someone beats you to it! The first player to stack all their cups is the winner!

Gobblet Gobblers

Gobble up, line up, and win! This easy to learn strategy game has an irresistible cast of characters. Just like in Tic-Tac-Toe, players have to line up 3 of their Gobblers in a row to win. But here’s the catch: you can gobble up your opponent’s smaller pieces to steal their spot!

Starlink game


Starlink is a drawing party game that takes inspiration from the stars in the sky! Draw a secret word on your turn by connecting the stars together and hope the other plays can guess what you drew. Be careful you can only connect the stars with straight lines! You win the game by creating the best constellation.

Cupcake Academy game
Talent Show game

Cupcake Academy

Work together with your fellow pastry chefs to organize your kitchen in this cooperative game of logic and speed! Each assignment wants your cupcake cups to be arranged in a  specific layout. Move quickly, before time runs out!

Talent Show

In this silly party game players take on a variety of challenges to win the Talent Show! Players roll the dice to complete the challenge for the round which include; drawing, singing, miming and combining words together. You’ll be laughing in no time!

Cross Clues game
Detective Club game

Cross Clues

Work together to interpret the clues in this cooperative party game! Consider your clues carefully and think as a team to find 2 words the clues connect, in order to fill in as much of the grid as possible! Thousand of different combinations and guaranteed endless fun!

Detective Club

Detective club has  won many awards including the Actual Best Party Game of 2018. In this social deduction party game players work to figure out who the conspirator is. Each round, one player secretly writes a word in all but one of the other players’ notebooks. The player who does not know the word is the Conspirator this round. All players then take turns playing cards they feel best represent the word. When the word is revealed at the end of the round, each player explains why their cards make sense with the word. The player who didn’t know the word will have to quickly come up with an explanation in order to not be detected!

Piece of Pie game
Battle Sheep game

Piece of Pie

In this tasty pastry strategy game player’s piece together the perfect pie! Piece of pie is a deliciously themed drafting game. Each turn players pick one of the available pieces of pies and add it to their personal pies. Players have unique objectives to gain more points. 

Battle Sheep

Opposing sheep herds go head to head in this quick-moving strategy game.The goal is to have your herd occupy the most pastures. Each turn, split your herd and move your stack to a greener pasture, as far as you can on a straight line on the board. This easy to learn game of strategy is fun for the whole family.


Kingdomino game

Kingdomino was voted “Game of the Year” in many European countries and won the coveted ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award. In this domino reminiscent strategy game players work to multiply the worth of their kingdom by adding valuable crowns to their grid. Each turn players pick a domino to connect it to their grid, and determine their position in the next round based on the domino they have chosen. The game ends when each player has completed a 5×5 grid.

Mind Block game


Like Rummy but with stacking blocks! Create Sets and Runs by combining blocks that range in height of 1 to 7. Sets are made with 3 or 4 blocks of the same size, but different colors. Runs are made up of 3 or more blocks of the same color in consecutive order. New opportunities come from the ability to stack blocks on the top of others to form new heights. Think ahead and make the right decisions, without losing track of what’s on the table as you disassemble runs and sets to reassemble them into new ones using your blocks! 

Strategy Games For Big Kids and Adults

Photosynthesis game


Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds, and your strategy. Take your trees through their lifecycle, from seedlings to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving suns rays. This game features realistic gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Photosynthesis Expansion- Under the Moonlight

Photosynthesis game - Under the Moonlight expansion
Meeple Land game

Enhance the world of Photosynthesis with Under the Moonlight expansion! The moon turns the opposite direction of the sun and casts its moonlight into the woods. Players collect lunar points for their new forest animals to activate special powers. This expansion requires the base game Photosynthesis to play.

Meeple Land

Create your dream amusement park with Meeple Land! This game is an immersive resource management and tile placement strategy game that allows players to build their own amusement park by buying rides, offering services, buying advertising and welcoming as many visitors as possible.

Cloud City

Cloud city is a city building and planning 3D strategy game where players build their city model by strategically positioning buildings and walkways to optimize the amount of points they earn. The goal is to earn the most votes from the city council for each walkway you build. 

Maracas game

Maracas – 5 & Up

Shake those maracas! Maracas is a silly guessing game that is played with a single maraca. One player fills the maraca up with beads and the other players try to guess how many are inside by shaking it and listening closely.

Pig Puzzle game
Snip Snap game

Pig Puzzle – 5 & Up

In this single player logic puzzle game, the player helps the pigs get home safely while keeping an eye out for the hungry wolf and the flooded lake! This game is played over a series of challenges that increase in difficulty. 

Snip Snap – 7 & Up

Snip Snap is a high speed dice game where you need to be the fastest to find matches between your dice and the dice your opponent rolled. See two sharks? Call out “Shark Snap!” and snatch them fast to win.

Rip Off – 8 to Adults

Rip Off game
Rose Ceremony game

Rip off is a game of making every dollar last as long as possible… by literally ripping the money into smaller and smaller pieces! Make sure the piece you rip off is just the right size to cover the objects you want to buy. The more you rip off now, the less you will have in the future!

Rose Ceremony – 8 to Adults

Love is in the air! Offer a rose to the player of your choice. If they refuse it, it’s yours. In  this bluffing game, you try to create the most beautiful bouquet of roses while watching out for thorns which count as negative points. Try to score the most points by trading in bouquets.

Animix – 8 to Adults

Animix game

Animix is a set collection game with beautiful modern illustrations. Animals you collect score points based on the animals left in the center of the table at the end of play. Each animal scores points differently so plan ahead to collect the perfect mix to win!

Blue Orange games are distributed through toy stores, game and book stores, and online. If you have any question do not hesitate to e-mail Happy Holidays!
2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide


As the holidays approach, have you thought about giving the gift of play? Or maybe you have, but your not quite sure what to get the loved ones on your list. Lucky for you, we have put together a gift guide of 20 games from our catalog that would make excellent presents this holiday season. From old favorites to brand new releases, this list is a compilation of everything you would expect from us. We made sure to pack it full of high quality games that are easy to learn and engaging for all ages; we are certain you can find something for everyone. This year help us spread some joy by wrapping up a timeless present that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Little Minds

These games were developed for little hands and growing brains.


Ages 4 & Up | 2-4 Players

Take a trip down to the South Pole with this colorful memory game. Each turn, players roll 2 dice. Then, they lift up 2 penguins to look for eggs that match the colors on the dice. Find the correct egg under a penguin and put both on your iceberg; the first to collect 6 wins!

We love it because…the wooden penguins, eggs, and icebergs are adorable and help kids work on both color recognition and memory.


GobbletGobbers_Pack_LowResGobblet Gobblers

Ages 5 & Up | 2-4 Players

This game plays like tic-tac-toe with a little twist. Each turn, you can place a new piece on the board, move an existing piece, or gobble up your opponent’s piece to claim the square as your own. Line up 3 in a row to win!

We love it because…the irresistible cast of characters is a great way to teach simple strategy. (Fun fact: This is the junior version of the first Blue Orange game ever made, Gobblet!)


Tumble Tree TinTumble Tree

Ages 6 & Up | 2-4 Players

Build your own baobab tree in this card placement game. Each animal card has its own way to be added to the ever-growing canopy- make sure to place them carefully. Avoid penalties, but most importantly…don’t let the tree-top topple!

We love it because…all the cards fit in the tin, which acts as the trunk of the tree AND the base of the game.


EyeNSeek_3D_Pkg_FlatEye ‘N Seek

Ages 6 & Up | 2-6 Players

Spin to win! Flip a card and then rotate the wheel to find its matching icon in the windows. But hurry, it’s a race! Spot the match before your opponents to win the round and get a point. With 6 double-sided wheels, 100 icons, 3 levels, and 6 games to play the searching fun is endless!

We love it because…. you can ditch the cards for an easy on-the-go game and play with just riddles, rhymes, or clues.


STEM Games

Inspire and stimulate curious minds with our logic races.

GoGo-Gelato_Pkg_Left_FlatGo Go Gelato

Ages 6 & Up | 2-4 Players

Become a gelato mixing master in Go Go Gelato! In this delicious game of rearrangement, players fill their customer’s orders armed with 4 cones, 3 scoops, 2 hands, and 1 challenge card. Happy customers are the ones whose orders are filled quickly and efficiently, so speed and thinking ahead are a must.

We love it because…. rearranging the scoops and cones is the perfect way to learn the type of logic required to play any of our Dr. games.

DrEureka_Pkg_Left_Flat_HiResDr. Eureka

Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

Grab a challenge, 3 test tubes, and 6 colorful balls, and then get ready to help Dr. Eureka solve his scientific formulas. Carefully move your materials from tube to tube without dropping them and position the balls exactly as picture on the challenge cards. Each round, the speediest scientist who correctly finds the formula wins!

We love it because…. the logic and dexterity required is challenging enough for both kids and adults without causing frustration. (Bonus: This is the game that started our entire Dr. collection!)

Dr-Microbe_Pkg_Left_FlatDr. Microbe

Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

Dr. Microbe needs help! Players must race to grab the correct microbes with their tweezers, and then place them into their petri dishes as they try to solve an incomplete challenge card. Make sure to follow the research rules and finish first to impress Dr. Microbe and win!

We love it because…. the tweezers and squishy microbes help develop fine motor skills, and the game pieces promote familiarity with lab equipment.

DrBeaker_Pkg_3D_FlatDr. Beaker

Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

In this logic race, players move molecules around the compartments of their beaker to try and match the solutions on the challenge cards. Players must think quickly, and work fast, as they rearrange the molecules at the bottom of the spinning beaker with their stirring rods.

We love it because….rearranging the molecules one-by-one works on fine motor skills and sequential thinking.


Fast Action Games

Who said games had to be quiet and calm? Not us!



Ages 5 & Up | 2 Players

Ready, aim, score! In Fastrack, players use the elastic band to send their 5 discs through a tiny slot to the other side of the track. Players need to work fast and aim well as they simultaneously fire at each other! The player who sends all the discs to the other side wins.

We love it because….it might be the most addicting game in our catalog; it’s impossible to play just once. (We also have an NHL®  version and a mini version!)

FyingKiwis_Pkg_Left_FlatFlying Kiwis

Ages 6 & Up | 2-4 Players

The kiwis want to go on vacation, but they can’t fly! Help the kiwi birds sneak into a fruit crate, so they can make it to their destination, by launching them with ramps. The kiwis like to sit with their friends, so make sure to line up 4 of the same color in a row or a square to win!

We love it because….what is not to love about a game where you get to launch things?!


Family Game Night

The all-inclusive gift; games that everyone can join in on!



Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

Explore the land and expand your kingdom! Each turn connect a new domino to your kingdom, making sure that at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play. Build up your 5×5 grid as best you can, as the player with the richest lands takes it all. This game won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award in Germany (“Game of the Year”).

We love it because….it’s simple enough for kids, but the game mechanisms are interesting enough to keep adults engaged.



Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

In this game, calculated risk and smart strategy will place the odds in your favor. Roll the dice to get a combination that gives you the greatest advantage. Each combination has a different point value, but only 4 chips to let you score, so grab the best ones before they run out!

We love it because….it’s a fresh twist on a classic that everyone can play.

Battlesheep_Pkg_Left_Flat_LoResBattle Sheep

Ages 7 & Up | 2-4 Players

Flock to greener pastures! Each turn, players split their stack of sheep and then move a portion by placing it as far as it can go in a straight line. Plan your moves carefully to fence out your rivals and occupy the most pastures. With multiple game board configurations, it’s different every time you play!

We love it because….it’s another great game to teach strategy, and it has a pretty awesome theme.

Heavier Strategy Games

Gifts that are sure to please any gaming master.


Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

Queendomino takes the base game of Kingdomino and kicks up the strategy with additional components and rules. Tax your lands wisely to fund the construction of your towns, pick the buildings you erect carefully, and try to win the Queen’s favor – all while making sure your plans aren’t foiled by the Dragon’s flame. Make sure to strategize and acquire carefully, as others are also competing for the same lands, a stake in the riches, and the heart of the Queen!

We love it because….it takes Kingdomino to the next level, and you can combine both games and either build 7×7 super kingdoms, or have two more friends join you for a 6 player game.

Orange2 36367


Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds and your strategy. Take your trees through their life-cycles, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun’s rays. Carefully pick where you sow and when you grow, as trees in the shadows are blocked from light, and from points. High-quality components and beautiful artwork make this a must-have!

We love it because….it’s a strikingly beautiful game that surprises most people with the strategy it requires.


Ages 8 & Up | 2-4 Players

Discover the game of acquisition, demolition, and construction! Rise to new heights in the famous streets of New York City, as you try to build the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Satisfy your hunger for glory and prestige as you raise your real estate empire to staggering new heights.


We love it because….it’s our first “big box” strategy game, and we think it’s a great way for less experienced individuals to enjoy the gaming hobby.


Stocking Stuffers

Games that pack big fun into small packages!

dicestackDice Stack

Ages 7 & Up | 2-6 Players

Pile up your points with this colorful take-anywhere travel game. Roll the tilted dice and then carefully stack them up in numerical order. Stop at any time while  building the wobbly tower and win the sum of the values you have stacked. Carefully place the dice and don’t let them fall, or you’ll lose it all!

We love it because….the wacky colorful dice are fun to roll, stack, and touch!

RalllyRoll_Pkg_FlatRally Roll

Ages 8 & Up | 2-6 Players

Roll the dice and rack up your points! On your turn, roll all the dice and score points based on the color of the biggest die. Decide to bank the points you have won, or take a chance and roll again! If no dice match the big colored die, you must forfeit all points won in that round. Are you ready to roll?

We love it because….it’s a quick travel game that is perfect for large groups.

TellTale_TinOnly_LowResTell Tale

Ages 5 & Up | 1-8 Players

The pictures that are worth a thousand words! Players weave wacky and whimsical stories using cards that show a variety of settings, characters, and objects. Play cooperatively, create a storyboard, or twist up your bedtime stories- the possibilities are endless.

We love it because….there is no wrong way to play!


Ages 7 & Up | 2 Players

In this game, each player picks a color and then both players take turns adding to the growing figure, one piece at a time. Adjust your strategy as it grows in 3D, and remember that each added piece affects future game play. Make sure you are the first to surround a dot of your color on all 6 sides from a bird’s eye view.

We love it because….the 3D puzzle can fit in your pocket, and is the perfect brain break to play with a friend.


You can find all of the above games in stores and online. As a company that supports small business, we encourage you to stop by your local neighborhood toy or game store this holiday season. To find the store nearest you that carries Blue Orange Games, check out our handy store locator.

Check out the rest of our games on our website for more great gift ideas!

Add Some Gaming Spice to Dating Life

Add Some Gaming Spice to Dating Life


Got a gentleman or lady you want to impress? Or are you looking to spice up your dating routine with your significant other? Why not try a board game? A board game offers creative quality time for communicating and having fun with your partner. In April, DateBox included Yamslam in their game date box theme. They said later in their article on dating games, “Our absolute number 1 favorite date night game is Yamslam… We can tell you that it’s fun, addictive, and you can play over and over again without getting bored.” Games are a perfect way to spice up a date night for couples across the board, whether it’s their first date or fourth anniversary. But Yamslam isn’t our only epic matchmaker. We have five more games worth breaking out on your next romantic evening. Just a side note, we are not talking about games that will involve sexual arousal or something that will lead to sex. If you want ideas on that, Fiona Petree of PlugLust can help you with her list. This article will be talking about the other side of the coin.

Table for Two

Not every game requires a crowd, and often the best games are limited to two. Here are three games that will spur some competition between you and your one and only.

From its sophisticated design to its small set of rules, Niya sets the mood for some intimate quality time mixed into some strategic game play. Each tile you draw influences your partner’s next move, opening perfect strategic opportunities to test how well each player knows the other. While on the surface it might be a matter of lining up four tokens in a row, in truth, just like in garden conspiracy, your victory may lie in how you relate with your opponent across the board.


Blue Orange Games’ newest on-the-go strategy game doesn’t leave room for an awkward pause when waiting for dinners or movies. U-Turn’s easy portability serves as a perfect kickstart to a conversation in the car or in the theater. Whether you and your partner enjoy the mental thrill of piecing a strategic puzzle together or you simply enjoy snapping together a sculpture, U-Turn is the perfect puzzle to spark some spontaneity during your special night.


If you enjoy scoring goals, making baskets, or kicking up a race with your partner, this is hands down the best challenge to bring on your next date. Fastrack is a high speed, head-to-head race perfect for couples who thrive on the thrill of the phrase “best two out of three”. It’s addictive with intense competition that will rev some fun into your evening before bonding over that candlelit dinner. On the weekends you and your partner can play WoW, it’s loads of fun especially when you have a teammate. I also just recently found out that Gold4Vanilla launched their WoW Classic: Burning Crusade section for players looking to buy tbc classic gold.

Make it a Double

While it’s important to set aside time for just your one and only, some of those most special moments can be found in a crowd of friends or alongside another couple. Here are a couple of double date hits in our game collection.

Cup of BluffCup of Bluff
Can you pull a poker face on your partner? For new and old couples, Cup of Bluff is a great game to flirt with deception and score some points. Test how well you and your partner can catch each other’s tells in a date night bluff battle between each other or on a double date with your friends.

What better game for a double date than this silly wink-fest? Craft alliances in secret with the wink of an eye to score points while avoiding the suspicious glances from your opponents. Wink is an amazing game to laugh and bond with your better half, and friends, over silly faces and deceptive competition.

While dinners and movies can create intimate moments and important quality time with that special someone, it’s good to remember that sometimes the best date ideas are as simple as pulling fun out of a box with a well-crafted board game. What better way to spend your night than to roll the dice and play your cards with the person you care about most? If you’re more interested in computer games then visit for LoL accounts that are ready for ranked games.

8 Awesome Garden Crafts for the Summer Time

8 Awesome Garden Crafts for the Summer Time

June is just around the corner, and with it brings the three-month-long summer vacation every child can hardly wait for. However, the new task of entertaining and occupying the children’s time may be daunting for a parent since there’s no classroom to keep those mental cogs turning. Games are a great way to get the family together and away from the TV, but even game-lovers understand the healthy benefits of getting involved in the summer outdoor fun.

A simple and fun way to engage the young ones in outdoor fun is with a crafty activity for the backyard. Also, for your daily dose of outdoor fun, better boost your gardening and gear up with the best and quality garden tools that you can find on OccupyTheFarm. Below are 8 awesome garden crafts that will get your little ones out of the house and enjoying the summer sun.

1. Pinwheel  by Kate Stewart

Photo by Geoffrey Ross
Photo by Geoffrey Ross

This is a family fun classic that will have children running around the backyard, trying to make their pinwheel spin.

Glue stick
Needle nose pliers
Ball pins or map pins
Seed beads
Pencils, unsharpened with an eraser on the end (or a cookie or cake pop stick)

By Meaningfulmama
By Meaningfulmama

2. Sand Castles that will Last  by Jodidur

Children can play in the sand and create beautiful sculptures to decorate the flower beds.

1 cup sand
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 tsp alum (sold in the spice section of the grocery store)
3/4 cup water
Shells and rocks (optional)

3. Turtle Herb Planters  by Lorie

Photo by Reading Conetti

Kids can grow their own plants in a cute planter of their own creation. If they decide to start a mini-garden after this, having the basic tools can help them stay motivated. Get the tools on – they also post tool guides and gardening advice.

Basil seeds
Acrylic paint
Hot glue
Googly eyes
Pom poms
Plastic herb container (or any small plastic bowl)

Spouge House4. Grassy Sponge Houses  by Sharon

This project is a perfect way to show children the science behind growing plants.

4 new standard kitchen sponges (approximately 4 1/2 by 3 inches) in orange, green, blue, and pink
Permanent marker
Scissors with a pointed tip
Large plastic food-storage container (a clean rotisserie chicken container works well too)
Spray bottle
1/2 cup of grass seed, preferably one labeled “fast-growing”
-Sewing pins (optional)

5.CD Wind Spinners  by Jackie

CD Wind SpinnersLooking for something to spice up the porch? How about this cute, dazzling craft?

Old CDs or DVDs
School glue
Craft gems, jewels and sequins, buttons etc.
Fishing line

6. Painting Rainbow Pots  by Jacquie Fisher

This craft’s a great way to bring more color to your flower pots.

Clean terracotta pot
Variety of acrylic paints (at least 4 colors)
Wax paper

7. Flower Panels  by Krokotak

Photo by Krokotak
Photo by Krokotak

Children will love hunting and searching for the best flowers to use for this neat idea.

Plastic wrap
Cardboard box
Box cutter or scissors

Popped Bubble Art

8. Bubble Art  by HappyMomma

Make a masterpiece out of bubbles with this art lesson!

Bubble mix
Bubble wands
Food coloring

Enjoy these awesome crafts and spend some time in the summer sun with your little ones!

Blue Orange Supports Mini-Transat Competitor Pierre Chedevielle

Blue Orange Supports Mini-Transat Competitor Pierre Chedevielle

Pierre Chedeveille

Exciting news! Blue Orange is sponsoring Pierre Chedeveille in the 2017 Mini-Transat.

The Mini-Transat (or the Transat 6.5) is a one-man-crew transatlantic race on a sailing boat 6.5 meters long. You heard right! Individuals race their small vessels across the open seas without anyone helping them! The race was created in 1977 by Bob Sandman, and has been organized every other year since.

“Aside from the around the world race, I do not know any other race more extraordinary than this one. There are as many winners as there are contestants,” said Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, second at the 1979 Transat.

In order to be able to qualify to enter this race, you need to participate in several races during the 2016-2017 seasons. You also need to do a solo trip of 1000 miles without stopping.

Talk about intense! The race proceeds as so: the sailors depart in France then stop for ten days in the Canary Islands or on Madeira Island before continuing to the French Caribbean Islands where the race ends. We asked Pierre a few questions about his preparation for this daring trek, and he was kind enough to grant us his thoughts. We’ve translated his words from French to English below.

My name is Pierre Chedeville. I’m 29. I’m an officer of the Marine Marchande. In September 2017, I will embark across the Atlantic Ocean in a 6.5-meter boat in the Mini-Transat. I have dreamed of this project ever since I participated in the Mini-Fasnet Race, a race for small boats in South Ireland, several years ago. I was born in a small village in Brittany, where I grew up surrounded by sailing and nautical sports. I started sailing with my parents during family outings. Later, I became a certified Sailing Instructor, and taught sailing for many summers in Brittany. I’ve windsurfed, surfed, and kite surfed all my life. I am fascinated by the ocean, and that is why I decided to make my career in the Marine Marchande.

My physical coach prepares me for the water, and my mental coach gives me advice to relax before the race like how to fall asleep quickly. Sleeping is the nerve of the war (it’s the most important part for solo sailors). Often you will have to spend several days without sleeping on this type of boat, and naps usually do not exceed 20 min because you need to keep the boat on course and watch out for competitors or other boats that you can cross with.

I was lucky to meet Julien Mayot and his wife (co owners of Blue Orange) when my boat was baptized last summer. They were on vacation in Brittany at a mutual friend’s house. When they saw the boat and heard what I was trying to accomplish, they became very enthusiastic about my endeavors right away. Knowing that I was looking for financial partners, Julien told me about Blue Orange and promised to support me. We got along right away and shared many mutual passions like kite surfing and sailing (of course).

Pierre SailingThe mini Transat will be the accomplishment of a 2 year sportive goal, 2 years during which I will invest myself to the fullest to achieve this dream. I don’t have any predictions as far as where I will rank, but the goal is to cross the ocean without breaking the boat and arrive happy and healthy in the Caribbean. It’s a solitary project which I want to share as much as possible with people around me who support me: my girlfriend, my family, my friends, and Blue Orange who supports me financially and all who will follow my adventures.


Staff Holiday Gift Favorites

Staff Holiday Gift Favorites

Blue Orange Staff’s Holiday Gift List

Working at Blue Orange Games is amazing because we are always surrounded by fantastic gifts! See what our personal favorites are and who we’re giving games to this holiday season!


“I will be giving Ring It! to my nephew because it is the perfect game for the whole family to enjoy!”

Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing



“I will offer King’s gold to my young cousins. They are little pirates and the game will introduce them to strategy while having fun.”
Max, Sales Intern




“I choose Ring It! I will give it to my grandfather, because he is ultra-competitive and once I will have taught him my secret skills, he will beat all his friends at the bar.”

Hoël, Sales Intern



“I will offer Thumbs Up! to my nieces: it’s a great party game mixing both dexterity and speed. Kids have the most fun playing Thumbs up!”
Alex, Sales Intern




“I’m giving Spot It! Giants to my friend because he is a huge Giants fan and the tin is a beautiful and portable collector’s item, as well as containing a super fun game!”

Gina, Marketing Intern



“I’m giving Prohis to my sister because she loves bluffing and she will be really good at this game!”

Xavier, West Coast Sales Manager




“I’m giving Wink to my brother because he can’t wink so I know I will win!”

Bart, Sales Intern



“I’m giving Sushi Draft to my friend because she loves sushi and this is a fun and portable game!”
Keyva, Accounting Assistant




“I’m giving Gobblet Gobblers to my 4 year old nephew because everyone can play it with him and it will teach him strategy”

Yann, Regional Sales Manager



“I’m giving New York 1901 to my best friend because she loves New York City and I know her family loves to play gateway board games”

Corinne, Marketing Manager




“I’m giving Pengoloo to my nephew because it is a high quality game that will help his color recognition and memory skills”

Renaud, East Coast Sales Manager 






We hope you got some great ideas for fun games to give this holiday season!


Happy Holidays,

The Blue Orange Team


Information and Tools for Educators

Information and Tools for Educators

As a mother to a school-aged child, I’m always on the look out for what would help my little boy at school. And with a child with special needs, you could say that I get hyper-focused on stuff like that. I’m amazed at what his teachers and therapists will recommend to better aid him in the classroom.

Kindergarten Classroom_3

I was so pleasantly surprised with a phone call from Katy at GlobalEducator Institute, a new organization looking to aid teachers in the classroom. They have a robust blog and are committed to providing information and tools for educators. In fact, they are looking for teachers to help pair them off with great products for review. Learn more about Global Educator Institute below.


geiGlobal Educator Institute— is a new organization with a mission of evaluating educational products and improving education. The goal is to pair great products with great teachers, who then test them with their students for at least six weeks and provide us with valuable feedback and recommendation. Teachers have a voice in determining which products are elevated to becoming endorsed and receive our GEI Seal of Endorsement.

If you are a teacher or know of anyone that is (pass along), it takes 5 minutes to sign up and create a confidential profile. To sign up to be a member, simply visit:

GEI will then start sending FREE product to evaluate for GEI.