Bigglesnorts Toys: December’s Store of the Month!

Blue Orange Games is lucky to partner with a fantastic bunch of retailers who are passionate about their businesses and supportive of our games. We want to do more to recognize the stores and individuals that make our mission possible. That’s how our monthly spotlight on an outstanding Blue Orange Games retailer came about!

Store of the Month: December 2013

We are pleased to announce that Bigglesnorts in Albuquerque, New Mexico is our Store of the Month for December! Renaud, a member of our sales team, nominated the store after being impressed by their dedication to wholesome family fun, and their vocal enthusiasm for our brand, which helped them sell almost a thousand copies of Spot it! in their first year of business.

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The friendly faces of Bigglesnorts!

We surprised them with a bouquet of blue and orange balloons, candy, and a certificate commemorating their achievement. I caught up with the owner, Jason Penn over the phone to chat with him about his toy store and its success.

About Bigglesnorts Toys:

Video from inside the store courtesy of KASA News

Bigglesnorts Toys believes that fun is what brings families together! And Jason is lucky enough to work alongside his wife Elisa (who doubles as a pediatric physical therapist during the week). Their mission is to educate kids through play, believing that the act of Play is one of the most human experiences in the world (and a natural way of learning). Their catalog of games, toys and books is chosen based on 3 criteria: quality, opportunity for open-ended play, and ease of accessibility / universal appeal. As their website puts it:

  • Quality play comes first. We choose our products first and formost on the basis of quality. We sell toys that last and are fun.
  • Good toys make life more fun! Toys that promote open ended play are the toys that get played with the most. Its our pleasure to bring those toys to your family!
  • Great toys are for everyone! We want everyone to experience the fun for themselves so we always have toys out in the store to be played with!

Growing up, Jason fell in love with toys with LEGOs. He still remembers the very first LEGO he received – Set #928 – a spaceship that he has since built so many times that he can now do it completely from memory! And Jason’s love of playing with physical space shines through in the design of the store.

Bigglesnorts feels warm and inviting inside, with a natural flow that makes it fun to check out all the products. Blue Orange games are prominently displayed on the store’s demo tables so it is easy to play some quick rounds of Fastrack and Spot it! while shopping in the store. Everything is divided in 10 sections – Games, Outdoor, Building Toys, Craft, Transportation (Trains, Cars), Education & Science, Infant/Toddler, Plush, Puzzles, and Books. And each section is organized by age, with the products for younger people closer to the ground. From the cash wrap to the demo tables, the store’s custom-made surfaces are composed of nothing but rounded edges, so you can focus on all the goodies on display without worrying about colliding with any sharp corners.

Jason’s favorite thing about Albuquerque is the close-knit community, with its emphasis on small business and personal connections. And right now, Bigglesnorts is participating in the county’s Shop Local Holiday Campaign:

Coverage of the Shop Local campagin courtesy of KRQE News

Since Bigglesnorts is one of the most unique names we’ve ever come across, I had to ask Jason how the store got its name. The answer is a charming story from Elisa’s childhood: When she was growing up (and to this day) Elisa’s father refused to cuss. He believed there are more colorful and decent ways to express himself! He would make up his own silly, playful, imaginative words when he needed to express his frustration or excitement. So, when it came time to brainstorm ideas for what to call the store, Jason turned to Elisa and asked “What would your dad say if he stubbed his toe?” And she replied, “Ah, BIGGLESNORTS!”

And there you have it, the Bigglesnorts’ guide to success and happiness: be imaginative and don’t forget to play with your family.

Thank you Jason and the superb team at Bigglesnorts in Albuquerque for being a great example and friends of Blue Orange Games.

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