Congratulations Funagain Games in Ashland, OR for Winning March Store of the Month

Congratulations to our March Store of the Month, Funagain Games in Ashland and Eugene, OR. Jean-Noel nominated them because their remodeled store is a marvel. It’s one of the largest stores he’s seen on his trip! But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself at 1660 Ashland St in Ashland, Oregon. This time I sat down and interviewed Jeff Deboer about the store and his experience running the business.

Renovations underway
Renovations underway

Funagain Games started in 1996 as a place for retired games to get a second life. Jeff would take in games from churches and schools that had outlived their lifespan. He and his crew would give them new parts and let people play the games in their store. The store was and is still a center for the community to come together to play board games. This is, of course, how the store got it’s name Funagain Games. They would take old games and make them fun (again). 

Look at that space
Look at that space!

I asked Jeff about what makes his store stand out from the competition, and he explained is was the store’s emphasis on creating a safe and fun environment for the players that visit the store. Funagain Games isn’t so much a store as it is a safe place for the community to play games. There is some space dedicated for retail and concessions, but Jeff makes sure to focus his efforts on making the visit fun and comfortable for everyone who visited. He noticed that many games stores in Ashland and Eugene, Oregon cater only to men and alienate women and families. He saw this need and now does his best to make accommodations for every player: young, old, man, or woman. In doing this, the business has welcomed even more people into the gaming world.

A store that's fun for everyone!
A store that’s fun for everyone!

Jeff also told me about the store’s appreciation for Blue Orange Games. Jeff didn’t fully recall how long he had been buying games from Blue Orange, but he loves how we visit the store to demo our games. He also noted how the whole family could enjoy our games. Many Blue Orange games are fun for all ages to play, which is what makes them so appealing to the customers and players that come into his store.

Congratulations to Funagain Games for winning Store of the Month for March! It was a pleasure learning more about your store and how you do your best to bring games to everyone. We are proud to award you this Month’s Award. Visit Funagain Games at their website or in person at 1660 Ashland St in Ashland, Oregon or at 1280 Willamette St in Eugene, Oregon.


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