Congratulations Little Treasures in Bellaire, MI for Winning July’s Store of the Month


Little Treasures is exactly what the name states, and in the small town of Bellaire you won’t have to do much digging to find this gem of a store. Louis, one of our sales representatives,  nominated this toy and gift shop for their dedication to great customer service and promoting Blue Orange Games.  Its doors opened 24 years ago, and it has been a family business ever since. When Dick and Sue opened in 1993 they had a goal: to promote imaginative and creative play that helps with the development of children. Now owned by their son, Steve, and his wife, Suzanne, Little Treasures has continued to embody this goal, all while establishing themselves as a nostalgic shop loved by all generations. Located in the quaint town of Bellaire, Michigan, Little Treasures is always a treat for locals and visitors alike. With many people coming in for those hot summer months,  the store originally only opened in the summer, to accommodate the flurry of vacationers.  However, when Steve and Suzanne took the wheel  they decided to open their doors all year long. From near or far, no matter the season, those who flock to the charming village of Bellaire always make a routine stop at their favorite shop to check out cool games.

IMG_0022FullSizeRender (1)

Dr. Eureka in the flesh! We LOVE this costume!

One of the many great things about Little Treasures is that they have something for everyone, like those grandparents stopping by to pick up a treat for the kids; the staff takes it personally to find a toy or game that will leave their grandkids squealing with delight.  By engaging with all their customers, Little Treasures always offers hands on fun for both kids and parents. They’re so dedicated to providing fun to their visitors that owner,  Steve, even created a customized gaming table. The table really draws people in, it’s hard to say “no” to a quick round of Gobblet Gobblers when the giant version greets you at the door!IMG_0024Gobblet_GameOpen_layers_opt

Suzanne says that Blue Oranges Games are always perfect for demonstrating since they are simple and easy to learn quickly.  She stated that, “ Blue Orange leaves room for imaginative play”, elaborating that there’s a type of flexibility that enables the rules to be changed and molded to the player. Having the capability for loose play is also great for Suzanne’s other interest, education. Being able to promote games that have more than just surface benefits is one of the main foundations of Little Treasures. While everyone loves fun, there’s something special that can come from encouraging and FullSizeRenderdeveloping skills crucial for development. With 14 years of experience behind her, Suzanne realizes the importance of positively promoting education, and since there are so many different types of learners having a loose set of rules that can be adapted really helps to connect with students. When considering kids with disabilities, Suzanne is always going the extra mile to keep them engaged and interested. She likes to promote simple yet intriguing games for those with disabilities so that everyone can play. Even though these kids can get frustrated at times, it’s still important to have fun and create an environment that’s unique to each individual.

Since Suzanne lives out of town,  Sherri handles the everyday running of Little Treasures. Suzanne described her as a god-sent who is always putting in 210% for Little Treasures. Sherri and her son Mick, have even created a unique kid approved review. Here, on Mick’s Pick, you can find cool new toys and gifts chosen and approved by a boy who knows fun! Its all these creative ways Little Treasures gets involved with their community and customers that make us love them!  With the help of their amazing staff like Rick, Beth and Mary, Little Treasures is able to put their best foot forward. Everyone there genuinely cares for their community, customers, and store. We chose Little Treasures as our store of the Month for their dedication and passion around all things games. In this day and age, Blue Orange Games really appreciates those who take the time to slow down and engage with their customers with so much care.

StoreoftheMonth_HiResWorking with Little Treasures has been a pleasure and we proudly award them July’s Store of the Month. As a staple of Bellaire, Little Treasures is regarded as a top shop for fun. Make sure to take a trip to this gem and be immersed in a place like no other. Little Treasures is always reachable via their website here or at 100 E. Cayuga St. Bellaire, Michigan 49615.


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