Congratulations to Shananigans in Baltimore, MD for winning our November Store of the Month

imagesWhether you’re a kid in age or at heart, Shananigans in has something fun for everyone. It’s rare to find a toy store that can excite and pique the interest of all who enter, which is why the citizens of Baltimore, Maryland are lucky to have such a wonderful place to pass the time!

While its doors have been open for 25 years, Shananigans gained its unique personality 12 years ago when the Stelzer family took ownership.  David Stelzer’s 6 years of experience in the toy store industry helped him make the store an extraordinary place with his parents, Flora and Barry . It is no longer just a novelty store, but rather an experience that can be customized for anyone. Shananigans is a haven where anyone can find eclectic gifts, from toys and games for infants to anti-dementia games for seniors. It’s a store that believes there is no age limit to having fun! Blue Orange Games got the chance to interview Flora to find out just what drives this amazing store. Flora’s homemade caramels are a favorite among our Blue Orange sales team, and they are only one part of the gracious hospitality she shows whenever we visit the store.

Flora outside of the store.
Flora outside of the store.

Flora understands that it is all about the customer; some people want strategy games where you use your brain, while others want a “ha ha” game that lets them relax with a group of friends. Flora also knows that a great game can’t be too daunting, as people want to be able to learn it quickly! She personally enjoys a good game of Yamslam, but if a grandparent is looking to find something for their grandchild she might show them KeeKee: The Rocking Monkey (a Blue Orange Classic). Finding the right fit is easy when there are so many good games to choose from. With some journeying up to an hour to look around the shelves, a trip to Shenanigan’s is always worthwhile.

Two of Flora’s favorite games to play while growing up were Jacks and Pick-up Sticks. She loves that the store is able to offer both of these classics as well as other versions with a twist that keep the games fresh! Now that she is a grandparent, Flora jumps at the opportunity to play those games, as well as newer games, with her grandchildren. She remembers when the power used to go out, creating the chance to spend quality time with her family in the candlelight bonding over activities like games.

When asked about her favorite Blue Orange game, Flora had more than a few.  After 12 years in the toy industry she has become an expert in recommending something for everyone! She loves Fastrack, saying that it’s “really nice for a lot of kids that don’t have the longest attention span” because it moves so fast and has rules that are easy to follow. Another treasured game on her must-get list is anything from our Doctor Series! Whether it’s Dr. Eureka, Dr. Microbe, or Dr. Beaker, she knows that people are going to love any our exciting logic games.

The inside of Shananigans, where all the magic happens!

Another key to Shananigans success is their customers’ feedback. Flora loves hearing from customers about their experience, as well as their favorite items. She recalled having recommended New York 1901 to a customer, and then being so overjoyed to hear back that he had been playing it nonstop. Having a fantastic management and staff that goes out of their way for good service is just one of the many reasons Shananigans is our store of the month. When locals come in looking for fun to take home, Shananigans always takes their customers’ hints and offers just what they need. A trend Flora has noticed in her customers is the resurgence of game nights being integrated into a lot of families’ busy weeks. She thinks it’s important to offer games that the whole family can get involved in, like Tell Tale or Tricky Trunks.

We chose Shananigans as November’s Store of the Month because of their wholehearted energy for fun and games. With such care taken in their recommendations, and the fact that they go above and beyond as retailers, we thank Shananigans for the splendid work they do. Make sure to visit the store at 5004-B Lawndale Ave. Baltimore, MD 21210 if you find yourself in the area!



Written by: Whitney Green

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