Eco Friendly Games Support the San Francisco Bay

Eco friendly games to support Save The BayAs a company, we are always looking for ways to develop our green initiatives and help families choose eco friendly games.  So we’re thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Save The Bay, the largest organization working to protect and restore the San Francisco Bay. We have agreed to donate a portion of our wholesale revenues in the Bay Area to the organization’s efforts.

Play to save the SF Bay

With hundreds of accounts in the Bay Area and strong relationships with our local retailers, this initiative promises to benefit the local environment as well as community members, who are provided with an easy way to do their part to support a healthy San Francisco Bay for people and wildlife. We recognize that the Bay is central to our economy and quality of life here in the Bay Area, and it feels good to know that our company and customers can help in a small, albeit important way.

Every purchase will contribute to the funding Maker of eco friendly games partners with Save The Bayof Save The Bay’s efforts. This means supporting the restoration of natural habitats, protecting the Bay from pollution and inappropriate shoreline development, securing policies to re-establish 100,000 acres of vital wetlands, and educating future generations on how to be Bay stewards.

Blue Orange Games Headquarters is located literally at the edge of the Bay, on the last road before you hit the docks in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco. It’s something we see every day and appreciate for reasons both personal and civic. The company founders, Julien and Thierry actually first discussed the idea of starting a game company while sailing on the Bay.

We are also excited to band together as a company for a volunteer day to work on a restoration project with Save The Bay in a couple of months. We’ll be sure to share some pictures when we do!

Inspiring others to give back

We hope our recent commitment inspires others to set aside time a few times a year to do something to support their local community and environment. Participate in a beach or park cleanup, start a neighborhood vegetable garden, petition your kids’ school to adopt Meatless Mondays, or participate in a race/walk for your favorite cause. Email community(at)blueorangegames(dot)com a picture of you or your kids giving back and we’ll send you a surprise thank you gift.

How to find our eco friendly games

If you’re in a Whole Foods or toy store in the Bay Area, look for the Save The Bay stickers on our games. Use our store locator to find a Blue Orange retailer in your town. And check this out, the organization’s logo is blue and orange! The match was meant to be.


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