Top 10 Games to Give the World’s Greatest Dad


This Father’s Day, give the gift of play to the most playful one in the entire family, with a little help from Blue Orange Games! The perfect gift is one that brings people together, and what greater way to spend some quality time with Dad than with a little friendly competition? Challenge him to one of our games, and we are sure you’ll have a memorable Father’s day. Last minute doesn’t have to mean lame- Check out our top 10 suggestions for a present that won’t disappoint!


For the Sport-Loving Dad

FlyingKiwis_Pkg_Game_FlatFlying Kiwis

Want revenge on Dad beating you at all those tic-tac-toe matches? Challenge him to a game of Flying Kiwis! Players try to line up their Kiwis in the fruit crate by aiming carefully and launching their tokens with a ramp. This game ensures you’re spending Father’s Day doing a fruitful and fun bonding activity! Learn more about Flying Kiwis here!


Bring Dad the excitement and fast-action of his favorite sports in an addicting high-speed game! In Fastrack, each player starts with 5 discs. The goal is to try to rid your side of all of discs by using your finger, and an elastic band to fire the discs through the slot to your opponent’s side. It’s a sure fire way to fill your Father’s Day with fun! Learn more about Fastrack here!


The fast-flying game of construction and destruction! Players each take turns being the master-builder, trying to build as many towers as possible, or the saboteurs, who launch projectiles with the aim of knocking down the towers. Launch into a great Father’s day with Kaboom! Learn more about Kaboom here!

For the Fun loving, Risk-Taking Dad

 TumbleTree_GameOpen_FlatTumble Tree

Have some good quality fun with dad and this dynamic card-placement game. Build your own Boabab tree using the game tin as the trunk, and toss, fling, place, and throw the cards as you try to get rid of your hand. Be careful to avoid penalties and be the player with the least amount of cards at the end to win! Learn more about Tumble Tree here!

RalllyRoll_Pkg_FlatRally Roll

A big-risk game for your biggest supporter! On your turn roll the dice and score points for those that match the color of the large die. You can keep rolling and scoring as long as they keep matching, but if no matches come up you forfeit all points won in that round! Challenge the whole family to this fun and easy risk-taking game! Learn more about Rally Roll here!

For the Strategy-Loving, Bookish Dad



Show dad who is the real King of the castle in this light-weight strategy game. Each turn connect a domino to an existing terrain type already in play, making sure to watch out for point-boosting crowns! At the end of the game, count the points in everyone’s 5 X 5 Kingdom, and crown the person with the most points the victor! Learn more about Kingdomino here!

Battlesheep_Pkg_Left_Flat_LoResBattle Sheep

Go head to fluffy head with Dad in this quick moving strategy game! Players try to occupy the most pasture while strategically moving their sheep around the board to block their opponents. A build-your-own game board means each game is as unique as your old man! Learn more about Battle Sheep here!

microbeDr. Microbe

Challenge dad to a brainy logic race! Using logic, race your fellow scientists to figure out which microbes are missing from the incomplete challenge card, and snatch them up fast with your tweezers. Remember, the super bug needs to always be a different shape and color than the other microbes in your petri dish. Who will be the first to help Dr. Microbe complete her research, Dad or you? Learn more about Dr. Microbe here!

For the Dad Who Already Loves Board Games

Viking_Pkg_flatVikings on Board

Have the whole family join in on this big box family strategy game! Each player’s objective is to have their clan of Vikings set sail on the ships best equipped for a Voyage. Watch out as the rival clans will be trying to rearrange the composition of the ships, and their value, throughout the entire game. Take control of the Fjord, and the family, with Vikings on Board! Learn more about Vikings on Board here.

TheBoss_Pkg_FlatThe Boss

Bluff and deduce your way to a good Father’s day with a little help from lady luck. In this game, players send their crews of gangsters out to assist local bosses, being careful to size up each job to make sure it is strategically advantageous. Show dad who the true boss of the family is and beat him at a game or two! Learn more about The Boss here.


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