Gen Con 2016

Gen Con is just around the corner, and Blue Orange Games has two exciting new games debuting at the convention: Goons of New York 1901 & Vikings on Board.

Goons of New York 1901

the Goons of New York 1901 is a promotional expansion pack for New York 1901, made in collaboration with the kids at the Brooklyn Game Lab as part of a months long game jam they did with over 500 submissions. You can read all about how the kids made the game in this article from BGL founder Robert Hewitt:

Goons of New York will be free with purchase of the base game at the convention, or $5 on its own. And, if the feedback is positive, we will release it to a wider audience later in the year. If you are interested in learning more about the BGL promo, email us at for more information.

Vikings on Board

Vikings on Board is a worker placement game from Charles Chevallier (Abyss, Masques, Wakanda). The game includes 39 beautiful 3D ship pieces that come fully assembled in the box. Learn how to play the game here:

Sales of Vikings on Board will be limited to 50 copies per day. (200 early-access units being flown into the show before its retail release in stores in September). Additionally, anyone who buys the game at the show will also receive a set of upgraded components free with purchase.


Interested in winning free copies of these new games? We’re handing them out as prizes for our tournaments!

More info here:

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