Lunar New Year 2015


It is time to get out your Battle Sheep and celebrate! Why are we celebrating? Because it is the 2015 Lunar New Year. SO how does our game, Battle Sheep, connect with celebrating the Lunar New Year?—because it is the Year of the Sheep, of course!

The Lunar New Year is a time to celebrate new beginnings and a New Year with friends, family, food, fireworks, and gift giving. Not only does Battle Sheep allow for celebrating with friends and family, but it is the perfect theme!

What does the Year of the Sheep mean for those celebrating the Lunar New Year and Battle Sheep fans? The sheep represents a lucky animal and exudes positive energy into the universe. Being that sheep are farmland animals and eat grass, it is believed that they obtain all natural elements such as earth, wind, and fire. Not only are sheep calm and gentle, but their white fur can be translated to ‘suet jade’—representing the meaning of good things, but of course Battle Sheep fans already knew this!

So grab your friends and family and gather around to celebrate the beginning of a lucky and positive year with your favorite fluffy friends!

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