Our New 2018 Games: Blue Orange Team Members’ Picks

Last week, the Blue Orange Team spent a whirlwind few days in New York City at New York Toy Fair launching our new 2018 collection. We presented to and played with everyone and anyone in the industry who stopped by our booth, and all of their positive feedback makes us incredibly excited for our games to hit stores this spring. Want to know which games the members of the Blue Orange team are most excited about after four straight days of playing? Take a look below!

Happy Bunny (Corinne, Marketing)


“I love Happy Bunny because of how adorable every part of the game is, from the artwork on the box to the realistic feeling of picking the carrots. It helps kids work on teamwork and counting, and the anticipation about what size the carrot you are going to pick will be makes it the perfect game for any three year old. As cooperative games are a new adventure for us, it was great to see that all of our retailers and industry friends loved this game as well.”

Where’s Mr. Wolf? (Xavier, Sales)


“Every time I presented Where’s Mr. Wolf?, people immediately loved the game because of the artwork and cool 3D barns that players sort tokens into. I like that it is a cooperative, so everyone works together to beat the game, and it is also self-contained, so you play the entire game inside the box.”

Clouds (Alice, Management)


“Clouds is my favorite out of this year’s collection because of the cute zippered pouch that makes it an easy game to take on the go. It also brings up the excitement and imagination that you get from cloud gazing, which I really like. As a mom, I’m always looking for easy ways to keep my kids entertained and they have loved this game since we received the original prototype!”

Who Did It? (Emile, Sales)


“I have the most fun presenting and playing Who Did It? because while the funny emoji poop pouch catches people’s attention, the card game itself is what keeps them laughing. Everyone I played with got a kick out of pinning the blame of being ‘the pooper” on other people’s pets, and when you are saying things like ‘It wasn’t my fish that pooped in the living room, but I think it was someone else’s hamster!’, it’s almost impossible to not laugh!”

Maki Stack (Adrien, Sales)


“I think Maki Stack is the most fun out of the entire 2018 collection. In the game, you’re racing to stack the sushi either blindfolded or using your fingers as chopsticks, while also playing in teams, so it has a lot of elements that are different that our other games. At Toy Fair, every person I presented to loved the wooden sushi pieces and asked to play another round during the demo, which is always a good thing!”

Pool Party (Kathryn, Marketing)


“My personal favorite out of our new games is Pool Party. It’s fast, addicting fun that’s impossible to stop playing, and I think our fans will like it because it’s easy enough for the whole family to enjoy together. The coolest part about the game is the pool- it sits on top of a spring and every time you launch a diver it sways back and forth. It will eventually toss all the divers out if it gets too full, so you are racing against your opponents and the balance of the pool at the same time.”

Mindo Zen (Louis-Paul, Sales)


I like Mindo Zen, and the rest of the Mindo collection, because we don’t have many one player puzzles. It’s perfect for people looking for entertainment without competition, and it doesn’t take up much space. I actually keep one on my desk at work so I have something to do when my brain needs a break.”

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