A big Blue Orange Surprise- NY1901

In New York 1901, relive the historic years of the founding of New York that led to what the city is today. Build bigger and higher skyscrapers on some of Lower Manhattan’s most iconic streets (Wall Street, Broadway, Nassau, Cedar and Pine). Raise one of 4 legendary skyscrapers, the Park Row, the Singer, the Metropolitan Life or the mythical Woolworth and make one of them the crown jewel of your real estate empire!

Week after week, we will unveil more and more images of this game. And you can regularly discover new information here and on the official Facebook game page: Blue Orange Europe, Blue Orange Games and NY 1901

First images are of the cover of the game in progress:


drawing #2






1925342_801956539839988_7660021235561773464_n 10931299_801956543173321_4270772854435662310_n


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