Play Meeple Land on Stories during Gen Con online!

This fall Blue Orange Games is releasing Meeple Land, an immersive resource management and tile placement strategy game, designed by Cyrille Allard and Frédéric Guerard, and illustrated by Tomasz Larek. Players build their own amusement park by buying rides, offering services, buying advertising, and welcoming as many visitors as possible.

Our sister company in Europe has partnered with Stories to make playing Meeple Land a possibility during online conventions and we are very excited to announce that Stories is letting us use their platform during Gen Con online to allow up to 80 players to register and be the first to try the game before its release in September.

We know this platform might not be familiar to you but its very easy to install and we will have animators to guide you. Register on Gen Con online on Saturday 8/1 at 9AM, 10AM or 11AM ET to secure a spot.

The Stories new platform is an intuitive and easy to access platform that makes it possible to provide virtual rooms with various tables to accommodate players.

Each table presents the de-materialized game seen from above (in 2D) with the aim of transcribing the sensations of the game as closely as possible to reality (no AI). In order to make the experience immersive, each table has a dedicated audio / video channel which allows the animators to support the players and the players to communicate with each other.

The difference with other platforms is that it aims at creating the closest sensation to a real gaming convention. Players actually enter a room filled with tables with games on them. The integrated sound and video allow an immersion and a contact between players or with the animators closer to reality.

Live animators in the welcome room explain how the platform works and what the rules of the game are to everybody participating. This allows for us to maintain what we love about board games so much, sharing. We are literally meeting around a table to play.

The installation is easy. Players need to:

·         Have a microphone and webcam (its better but not mandatory)

·         Download the app ( – Click on ‘’telecharger’’ – create your account with your email and a password). We will provide you with a link to the playing room before the event.

·         Click on the logo Meeple Land to enter the room at your scheduled time

·         Let the animators guide you

We look forward to see you online to play Meeple Land!

The Blue Orange team

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