Strike It Summer Giveaway

Games aren’t just for the table, and with the bright season, Blue Orange wants to celebrate the summer vacation with a Strike It giveaway for your outdoor adventures. Strike It is the must have outdoor game for any family that enjoys some fun outside the home.

Go outside this summer and get the family together outside for a wacky game, where hand eye coordination, mental math, and basic strategy are your keys to victory. Strike It is a sturdy, beautifully crafted wooden game inspired by the classic game Skittles. Each pin you strike will add to your score. The first person that gets 25 points wins the game. But be warned! The Striker Stick is a devious mischief-maker with a mind of its own! Once you throw it, no one knows exactly where it will strike next. If you get over 25 points, your score will reset to 10! Strike It is an easy-to-set up and easy-to-clean up game complete with a carrier box, making it perfect for family outings and picnic get-togethers. It’s a perfect game to keep the kids active and provides creative learning opportunities for younger children to understand basic mathematics that will keep their cogs running all summer long.


Contents: 12 pins marked 1 to 12 and 1 striker stick with rubber ends

Set Up: Place the pins together in an upright position 12 feet away from the players, leaving 2” between each pin.

Goal: Be the first to score exactly 25 points by knocking down the pins.

IMG_3864How to Play: Players take turns throwing the striker stick in order to knock down one or more pins. After each turn, add up the points for any pins knocked down and then set them back up in the same spot where they landed.

Scoring: If you knock down only one pin, you score the number of points marked on that pin. If you knock down 2 or more pins, you score the total number of pins that fell down.

Important: If you go over 25 points, your score is set back to 10 points.

End of the Game: The first player to reach exactly 25 points wins the game.

Check out the Summer Strike It fun our team had in San Fransisco!

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