Halloween Safety Tricks & Tips

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Here are some safety tips to keep your ghouls & goblins safe this Halloween!

1. Costumes: Make sure your little ones can see well through
their masks & that they will not trip on their capes!

2. Be Seen: Use reflective gear on costumes and trick or treat bags!
Remember to stay in lit areas while walking!

3. Charge up!: Make sure that your flashlight has new batteries &
that your cell phone is fully charged…
cameras too!(you don’t want to miss any memories)

4. Plan: Pre-plan routes that are safe for trick or treating.
Go over the routes with your ghouls and goblins so they are familiar!

5. Only: visit houses with porch lights on & never go inside a home or vehicle!

6. Big Ghouls & Goblins: Make sure they are going in a group
& set a time for them to be home or at a meeting spot.

7.  Candy: Review before consuming!
Never eat candy that is open or looks suspicious!

8. Bad Candy?: Have some healthy options (dark chocolate/organic sugar cane)
to trade bad or unwanted candies for!

9. Too Much Candy?: Have a some presents or games, maybe a witch doll or a Spot it! Halloween,
to trade in some candies for! (more laughs and less belly aches!)

Do you have any Halloween Safety tips or traditions? Share with us in a comment below!
Blue Orange wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!