Terra Toys in Austin, Texas is April’s Store of the Month!

Located in Austin, Texas, one of the coolest cities in the US, Terra Toys is a toy store filled with unbelievable charm. It embodies the city’s eclectic style by offering something for everyone to enjoy. Our sales representative, François has given Terra Toys top acclaim for their extraordinary enthusiasm and pure love of Blue Orange Games and thus why we have picked them for our April Store.terraFrontBigC

Terra Toys opened its doors over 40 years ago, earning it the honor of being the oldest independent family owned toy store in Austin. That’s no small feat! In a booming town, where everyone is welcome to create and inspire, Terra Toys knows a thing or two about success. It started as a small ice cream shop that was popular in the summer for tourists and locals alike. Husband and wife dynamic duo, Charles and Romalda, tried to think of new ways to draw in business during the colder, winter season. Charles, who was a carpenter at the time, began building handmade wooden toys. Soon after, Terra Toys was born!

 I had the pleasure to interview Corey, who is the head of the board games department at Terra Toys. Playing board games is an inherent passion that he’s always had, so working at Terra Toys has given him the chance to live his dream career. Getting to play around and introduce new games to shoppers is always a good time. At Terra Toys, the wonderful staff are knowledgeable and are always encouraged to pop open a game and give it a try. The staff at Terra Toys is genuinely passionate about fun and consistently takes their own initiative to learn all the new games.TerraToys

The store may have all the trinkets, toys, and games your heart desires, but they offer so much more. Complete with a fully stocked espresso bar and art gallery, Terra Toys offers the chance to see impressive local paintings and photographs while sipping a creamy hot chocolate. All the art is family friendly and features whimsical characteristics that the whole family is bound to enjoy. Another bonus for the entire family is that while you’re shopping for toys and games, you can also explore their children’s shoe and clothing department. We all know that picking out new shoes can be a pain but being able to play with toys at the same time makes it just a bit easier to check off the to-do list. Terra Toys is truly tailored to the one-of-a-kind Austin community and as a landmark shop it has a soul unlike anything else.

2017 Game of the Year!

Orange2 36367We also wanted to know which Blue Orange Games must-haves at Terra Toys were. Corey told us that Kingdomino was an undefeated family favorite from the minute it launched. Though he also let us in on a secret…one game that he is currently obsessed with is Photosynthesis. While he was originally drawn to the watercolor inspired box art, Corey was even more impressed by the growth of the actual forest during gameplay. He loves that Blue Orange not only offers impressive kids games but also strategic board games for those who like a challenge.One special tradition at Terra Toys that really stands out is their amazing events. They just hosted a Fairy Tea party where kids of all ages are invited to make their own fairies out of flowers, pipe cleaners, and other kid friendly knick knacks. Terra Toys also is recognized for their Christmas in July celebration, when the shop is transformed into a winter wonderland and Santa makes a guest appearance! By always listening and catering to their customers, Terra Toys keeps the store fresh with new wonders for every visit.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to Terra Toys for being so great! We love their enthusiasm for Blue Orange Games, and we are so happy to award them our April Store of the Month! Make sure to stop by Terra Toys at 2438 W Anderson Lane in Austin, Texas or check out their website at www.terratoys.com


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