Congratulations to Sage Explorers in Lake Forest, IL for Winning December’s Store of the Month

IMG_0001If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Lake Forest, Illinois be sure to make a stop at Sage Explorers toy shop. While its doors only just opened in September, this place is well on its way to becoming a town staple. With its quick acceleration to the top and a focus on educational learning, Sage Explorers is more than deserving of our December Store of the Month award.

Lake Forest has been a town without a toy and game store for many years, and Sage Explorers has brought the fun back into the community. With only a few months under their belts, the people of Lake Forest have quickly embraced this shop and all it has to offer. Those seeking a new game or toy no longer have to journey far to satisfy their wishes and as a result, you can expect to find the store busy with kids stopping by after school for a little fun, or grandparents picking up a treat for their grand kids. Being able to cater to such a diverse range of people is just what makes Sage Explorers so special!

Demonstration tables throughout the store are one of the keys to their success!

While Sage Explorers offers toys and games that will keep the kids entertained for hours, they have so much more. The owner, Allison, has been a educator for the last 12 years, so you can be assured that she knows a thing or two about educational fun. She knows that games can help develop a young mind and that building strategic skills is something that parents, educators, and kids should all get excited about. As a store that values the learning process, many teachers within the community have found Sage Explorers to be a great resource for classroom materials. They also have tutoring available for children, which provides them with another chance to make a difference in their community.   Allison declared that one of her favorite educational games to recommend is the Super Genius line, since it’s so easy to integrate within any curriculum and keep students engaged.With everything you need to promote education, there is no question why the store has seen such great success.

Sage Explorers accepting the Store of the Month award.

Of course we had to ask which Blue Orange game is Allison’s personal favorite. She’s a big fan of Flash, since it’s such a great way to get kids focuses on arithmetic while nurturing their motor skills. On the other hand, she’s noticed that customers go crazy for Go Go Gelato. It’s easy game play and flexibility to adjust to any age or skill level make it a favorite with her customers!

When asked what makes a great game, Allison stated that it’s all about how easy it is to teach. Customers, from young kids to grandparents, love a game that has simple rules and is quick for players to pick up on. At Sage Explorers, one of the secrets to their success is always keeping a great selection of easy to learn games out for demonstration. Having four display tables all packed with games enables everyone that strolls by to play a quick round as they shop. This has proven effective as letting their customers play a Blue Orange classic, Gobblet Gobblers, has been an easy way to keep the game flying off the shelves.

Customers playing Gobblet Gobblers at a demo table in the store.

If you’re ever in Lake Forest, Sage Explorers is definitely worth the visit. From educators to parents to kids, everyone is bound to have a fun time! They’re located at 647 N. Bank Ln., and will soon be available online as well.




Written by: Whitney Green

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