Moon Rabbit Toys in Santa Fe, NM is January’s Store of the Month!

iconTucked in the picturesque town of Santa Fe, Moon Rabbit Toys has been catering to its community’s fun needs for over 12 years. Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the United States, as well as the highest in elevation, and is home to diverse culture and unique treasures- like Moon Rabbit Toys! With half of their store dedicated to games and the other half toys, this shop takes playing around very seriously. One of our sales managers, Francois, recommended Moon Rabbit Toys for January’s Store of the Month Award because of its extraordinary staff and their real love of games.

Moon Rabbit Toys is the wonderful creation of Shana, who let her pure love of toys inspire her to open a shop. While not a strictly educational store, Shana likes to say “it’s just for fun and if you learn anything it’s your own fault.” Both families and educators alike stop by to find new ways to engage kids, as they know there’s no limit on the amount of joy and strategic thinking a game can provide the young mind.


Shana’s favorite thing about owning a toy store, besides playing all the games, is finding the perfect toy or game for anyone. Believing that there is something special for every customer is the foundation of Moon Rabbit Toys. With regulars, tourists, and even regular-tourists who visit yearly, it’s clear that Moon Rabbit Toys has perfected the art of magically finding everyone a game or toy they are sure to love. While being interviewed, Shana even stated, “Did you know Kingdomino is best game ever invented?” Her work to pair everyone with the perfect game never ceases! She added that after the staff learned how to play Kingdomino, they were so in love that they encouraged all their customers to try it out. During the holiday season they joked that their best sales pitch was, “we can teach you the instructions, we can play a round, but trust us: just buy it!” Of course, all it takes is a game or two to get hooked!

Moon Rabbit Toys’ favorite Blue Orange Game.

As you can tell, Moon Rabbit Toys is always willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Many customers come in needing a gift or something special, and Shana and her team of well-versed staff are ready to take on the challenge. While many stores simply try to get the product sold, Moon Rabbit Toys strives to find each person, young or old, the right fit that will keep them engaged and smiling with glee. One of their greatest secrets to success is having a copy of almost every game opened and ready to be taken for a spin. This make Moon Rabbit Toys a paradise for kids to run around and find a favorite to take home.  Additionally, it allows parents to take the time to learn the instructions and rules before they make an investment. Shana realizes that no one wants to buy a game that’s just going to sit on the shelf, so it’s vital to try before you buy. One of her personal favorites to demonstrate is our Spiel de Jahres winner, Kingdomino!

Shana and her staff accepting their award.

Since we’re interviewing professional game players, Blue Orange had to know: what exactly makes a good game? Shana thinks that there are two key elements to a good game. First, the game must have clear and simple rules, so it’s easy to pick up and play. Second, the game has to be fun for a variety of ages. One of Shana’s favorite Blue Orange Games, which is easy to learn and great for a variety of ages, is our beloved Battlesheep! Many times she will recommend this game, as well as Pengoloo, to  families that stop by looking for a game that’ll keep both kids and parents entertained. We’d have to agree that those are great options, as the rules are simple and adaptable to every family and age group.

There are many reasons that Blue Orange Games is naming Moon Rabbit Toys as our January Store of the Month, but a few stand outs include their dedication to excellent customer service and the value of play.  Shana and her staff are amazing brand ambassadors for Blue Orange Games, and we thank them wholeheartedly!

If you find yourself in Santa Fe, you should definitely stop by and say hello! Moon Rabbit Toys is located at 112 W. San Francisco, Ste. 202 Santa Fe, NM 87501 and can be reach at (505) 982-9373.


Congratulations to Shana and the entire staff at Moon Rabbit Toys!

By: Whitney Green

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