Introducing our New 2018 Games!


It’s a new year, and you know what that means- new games! This year we are excited to be publishing a diverse lineup that includes high-energy dexterity races, adorable cooperative games (a Blue Orange first!), playfully packaged smaller games, and unique brain teasers. All-in-all we’re adding a whopping 16 new titles to our catalog! You’ll be glad to know they align with everything you’d expect from Blue Orange: easy to learn, fun to play, and engaging for a wide range of ages one of are featured gambling games for this season is now available at judi bola online. We are launching all of these at New York Toy Fair on February 17th, and you will be able to find them in stores and online come early spring.

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Family Games


Pool Party ● 2-4 players 6 & up

Summer is here, and that means pool party season! It’s time to beat the heat and cool off in the topsy-turvy pool. Better yet, join in on the cannon ball contest and form a team with your fellow party-goers. But watch out! Too many swimmers and this wacky pool can easily spill over, tossing you and everyone else out. Make big splashes by propelling your teammates into the unsteady pool, and be the first to successfully land three divers in to win! Unique components and high energy game play make Pool Party perfect for all ages, you can play games such as sbobet online which is perfect for this


Shaky Manor ● 2-4 players 7 & up

Local legend says the house on the corner contains hidden treasures…you find yourself taking a chance and entering to strike it rich, but it isn’t that easy to keep the treasures safe from the creatures that haunt the dusty rooms. To keep them safe, quickly race to position your character and treasure chests into the room indicated on the Challenge Card by shaking and tilting your box. Each time you succeed in protecting your treasure, the player to your right must add a new spooky creature into the mix to make the next round harder!


Maki Stack ● 2, 4, or 6 players 7 & up

Order’s up- it’s time for a sushi showdown! Balance and arrange the sushi, plates, and soy sauce bottles, and make sure to execute the order exactly as it is shown on the card. The catch? You need to use your fingers as chopsticks or stack wearing a mask, depending on the challenge card. But be careful, one wrong move and everything might tumble over!  Be the fastest solo chef or culinary team to master the art of sushi stacking, and win! High quality wooden pieces and crazy stacking combinations make this game a must-add to any game night collection.

Preschool Games


Happy Bunny ● 1-4 players 3 & up

It’s harvest time on the carrot farm! Work together as a team to help the bunny pick the best carrots to bring home to his family, plucking them from the box just like you would from the ground.  Select them carefully – all the bitten carrots are for the bunny, while the untouched ones the hardworking farmer keeps for himself. Compare their harvests at the end of the game to see who picked the tastiest bunch! This adorable cooperative game is a great way to teach teamwork and simple counting, and helps little hands develop fine motor skills.


Where’s Mr. Wolf? ● 1-4 players 4 & up

In this cooperative game, everyone works together to help the farm animals get back to their barns before Mr. Wolf comes around. Keep an eye out for him as you flip over the animal tokens. Every time you find Mr. Wolf, he creeps one space closer, and every time you find a farm animal, try to remember which barn they belong to. Fill the barns before Mr. Wolf comes around to win! The cute animal tokens, 3D barns, and shared goal help children work on memory and teamwork at the same time.


Kitty Bitty 2-4 players 4 & up

It’s nap time for the itty bitty kitties, but they just want to play! Help them jump, bat the yarn balls around, and race to the basket without catching a look from the watchful eyes of the mommy cats. Each turn, players need to remember which mommy cat eye will pause their kitten’s play time and prevent them from getting closer to the basket. The first kitten that makes it back wins! High quality wooden pieces and unique game play help kids develop color recognition and memory.

Fun-Sized Games


Who Did It? ● 3-6 players 6 & up

Was it YOUR bird that pooped in the living room? Because it wasn’t my bunny! In this hilarious card game, players race to get rid of their cards so they can avoid the blame of owning the animal that pooped. Each game is as funny as it is fast; quickly find your card, be the first to throw it down, and then blame someone else! Who Did It? is sure to bring laughs and just the right amount of potty humor. The plush zippered pouch keeps all the cards and tokens safe, and is the perfect size for on-the-go fun.


Clouds ● 2-5 players 4 & up

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a….bear? Clouds is a matching game that was made for the wildest of imaginations. Turn over a card and quickly search to find the halves that complete the picture. Be the first to find them, and win! Race your friends, or take on the challenges solo. A durable smiley-faced pouch, complete with a wrist strap, makes this this game both adorable and portable.


Tofu Kingdom ● 3-8 players 10+

In this social deduction game, players take turns assuming the role of Prince Mochi, who is looking for his true love, Princess Tofu. He is allowed to ask one question to each player around the table (who have taken on their own roles) to try and find the princess, but must take into account that not everyone will tell the truth. This clever game is adjustable to different player counts, making it great for parties and social gatherings.


Cubeez ● 2-4 players 6 & up

It’s time for a race! Can you make a face the fastest?  Quickly position the three cubes to match the face on the Challenge Card. Turn and flip them fast to finish first and wear the face of a champion! Colorful wooden cubes and wacky challenges make this speed game the perfect addition to a game night full of laughs.

Brain Teasers


Mindo 1 player 5 & up

The Mindo collection consists of 4 clever logic puzzles…can you collect and master them all? The rules are simple: turn and flip the double-sided tiles to recreate the color pattern on the challenge card. They only fit one way, into a 3×3 or 4×4 grid, so make sure to think and plan carefully. 60 challenges will ensure hours of brain teasing fun, and the four different themes mean there is a little something for everyone! Play solo, or combine them and race your friends. Versions: Mindo Puppy, Mindo Robot, Mindo Unicorn, Mindo Kitten


Mindo Zen ● 1 player 8 & up

The most sophisticated of our Mindo collection. In this game, you need to turn and flip the double-sided tiles until you have recreated the color pattern on the challenge card. They only fit one way into a 4×4 grid… can you figure it out? Serene game play, high quality tiles, and challenging puzzles to solve make this the perfect way to pass the time. Indulge in hours of peaceful brain teasing, or take it with you on the go; it’s small, compact box make it easy to stow and carry!


Brain Connect ● 2-4 players 8 & up

Get your brain back on track! Quickly slide and connect your thoughts into the right order, then, be the first to complete the correct action to win. It’s a race to see who can think and act the fastest! These sliding puzzles have 16 different start and stop points, so creating a clear train of thought is always a new challenge. A clever twist on the childhood classic, this game is perfect for solo solving or racing against friends.

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