Blue Orange 2023 Children & Family new games.

In the last month or so, we had the opportunities to present our awaited new games to retailers all over the country, at trade shows and through our representatives and distributors. We are excited to now ship them! They will find a place on store shelves, some will be opened for demos and events and we can’t wait for you to get your copies, play them and share wonderful moments with your friends and families.

This collection was carefully selected and developed by our team members in the spirit of Blue Orange ”easy to learn, fun to play and play again” often used motto, and we know they won’t disappoint!

Enjoy our new titles through these short descriptions below, and stay tuned for the videos explaining the games, which will become available in the next few months on our youtube channel!

HOOT OR TOOT | 4 & Up | $19.99 | 2-4 PLAYERS

Hoot or Toot is an interactive matching game and a fun twist on a traditional memory game in which young players try to match Mr. Owl’s hoot and toot sounds with illustrated tokens. On their turn, players shake the cute owl toy, listen carefully to the sound he makes, and flip a token on the table to try to match the sound. Trying to remember where each token is helps! While all players are having a silly time listening and matching lots of hooting and tooting, the first one to collect one token of each of the six colors wins!

PASS THE BALL WITH OLIE | 4 & Up | $19.99 | 2-10 PLAYERS

The classic Hot Potato game just got an upgrade with an adorable singing Otter! Players select a song and sit or stand in circle around Olie, and while she plays music, they pass the ball to each other. They go as fast as they can but when the music suddenly stops, they can’t drop the ball or get caught with it in their hands or they will be eliminated! This interactive toy features two original sound tracks and includes an inflatable ball. It’s the perfect active game for young players to socialize and improve motor skills.

BEAT THE 8 BALL | 6 & Up | $24.99 | 2-4 PLAYERS

This intense family party game has players concentrating on getting their timing just right! The goal is to launch their ball on a ramp at the right time to beat the 8 Ball coming down a chute! The 8 Ball is first launched into the funnel and spins like a coin in a spiral wishing well; it then shoots down the scoring chute. Players watch eagerly all the balls crash to their final position to see who succeeded to land before the 8 Ball. The locations on the ramp determine everybody’s points!

PAWVOCADOS | 4 & Up | $12.99 | 2-6 PLAYERS

Pawvocados is a card game featuring cute pups, cats and bunnies, which all need to find their pair to get their nose back. On their turn, players roll an original avocado dice: the adorable fruit will break open and may reveal a little paw seed! The sides the dice land on will determine how many cards are won. Players collect cards, make pairs for points or exchange them for magic cards, for a chance to earn more points.  

DO YOU KNOW YOUR PEEPS? | 7 & Up | $19.99 | 3-10 PLAYERS

Do You Know Your Peeps? is a fun trivia game filled with amusing questions for all ages that will challenge friends and family members to see if they really know each other. One player reads a question and three possible answers out loud, then all the other players lock their answers, and the reader tries to guess everybody’s response. With five categories (Favorites, School, Magic, Hobbies, and Personality) and 200 questions (From silly to everyday life situations), the multiple family friendly topics encourage all players to express themselves about their choice of answer, share past memories or aspirations. This game will surely spark fun conversations and create memorable family moments with lots of laughter and learning about each other!

SLIDIN’ TOUCAN | 4 & Up | $19.99 | 2-4 PLAYERS

In this unique cooperative game, players take turns launching a Toucan carrying its eggs down the sliding ramp, trying to escape from an unwelcome explorer. The toucan will topple and tumble while the eggs fly away! The side the eggs land on after the chute will determine how far the explorer will advance. To win, players need to tuck away the eggs in all of their hiding spots before the explorer gets to the nest!

PICNIC TWIST | 8 & Up | $13.99 | 1-9 PLAYERS

Picnic Twist is a puzzling game where players try to organize their picnic meals and tablecloths in the best possible way. Through a drafting system, they select their cards to place them in their playing area in such a way that they combine the largest possible number of similar elements: food and tablecloths. Picnic Twist includes several game modes and modules to add complexity and replayability.