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Game Seeker is our September Store of the Month!

Game Seeker is our September Store of the Month!

At Blue Orange Games, we can’t take all the credit for our hot games! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our fabulous retailers who give us feedback and put energy, passion, and time into their businesses every day. This space is dedicated to a very special retailer each month in order to highlight the stores and individuals that bring Blue Orange games from shelves into homes and that do us the honor of introducing us to families in their area. We are pleased to announce that our Retailer of the Month for September is none other than Game Seeker in sunny Santa Barbara, CA!

game seeker

Bart, from our sales team, recommended Game Seeker because of their dedication to Blue Orange Games, their love of games, and their warm and friendly customer service. Boosting Boss help you getting your desired rank in League of Legends in a day or two and also sell accounts ready for ranked play.

In a previous life, the owner, Lisa used to be in the party planning business. She decided to open up Game Seeker ten years ago because she enjoyed working with kids and those adults that are kids at heart! Game Seeker is a gem of a store that provides Santa Barbara residents all of their gaming needs. To quote a Yelp reviewer, “It’s a place for people who love exploring new things and having a memorably amazing customer service experience.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ian, the store manager. He became an avid game player later in his adult life. He initially started visiting Game Seeker as a customer and found the staff to be really knowledgeable about games. He inquired about a position a year ago and is now a fixture at the store.


Training employees is a priority for Ian, who has played every single game in the store. He’s so passionate about games that he jokes that he spends his paycheck at the store buying MORE games. As a kid, Ian was a hard core video gamer. But he found out that you couldn’t be social playing video games. However you can always get people to gather around a board game!

This interest in the community extends pass the store as Game Seeker is working with a local coffee shop which will host regular game nights. Be on the lookout for their announcements!

Thank you to Game Seeker for supporting Blue Orange Games! You’re a small but mighty store in Santa Barbara!

Pictorial History of Gobblet

Pictorial History of Gobblet

Gobblet is the game that started it all. Back in 2000, Blue Orange Games founders Julien Mayot and Thierry Denoual took to the road to spread the word about their very first game Gobblet. They drove across the entire United States on a 3 month road trip, visiting 500 specialty games stores. And they ended up selling 10,000 games before their trip was over! 14 years later, Blue Orange Games now has a catalog of over 50 games (some discontinued) and Gobblet has sold more than 2 million copies around the world.

Over the years, we have seen many changes to the design of the pieces and packaging for Gobblet, but the objective has remained the same – “Gobble Up, Line Up, and Win!” Here is a closer look at the pictorial history of Gobblet:


Gobblet (2000)

The original Gobblet looked a lot like it remains today. The packaging was a little different and the board was slightly less yellow in color.


Gobblet Classic (2002)

Gobblet Classic offered an updated board design and color scheme.


Gobblet Junior (2003)

Gobblet Jr reimplimented the concept of Gobblet on a smaller grid (3×3 instead of 4×4) so that younger players could more easily join in the fun.


Gobblet Gobblers (2009)

Gobblet Gobblers offered a new design for Gobblet Jr – the pieces were given silly smiles and hairdos and the board was replaced by a tic-tac-toe style grid.


Gobblet X4 (2009)

Gobblet X4 created a more modern look for the classic game, as well as a new color scheme and slightly smaller pieces.


Gobblet EU (2013)

Gobblet EU was released in Europe in 2013, with the board from X4, but with larger pieces and yet another color scheme.


Gobblet (present)

The current version of Gobblet has been kept the same for more than 12 years!

So what’s your favorite version of Gobblet? Let us know in the comments below!