Trends in Games from Essen 2013

The Essen Spiel is Europe’s biggest annual event about board games. Each year, thousands of board game makers and players from all over the world gather in Essen, Germany to learn about the coolest new games on the market. Hundreds of games are shown off for the first time, giving fans a hands-on look at the future of table top games. With so many products on display, it is easy to get overwhelmed. So, we decided to compile the top 5 trends from Essen Spiel 2013, and highlight some of our favorite examples:

1. Bidding Games

Bidding Games have players bid on auction items.

Going, Going, Gone from Sronghold Games:

Chicago Stock Exchange from 1-2-3 Games:

2. Tile Placement Games

How tiles are placed next to each other determines the outcome of the game.

String Savanna from Japon Brand:

Caverna from Lookout Games:

3. Sheep Games

Sheep games feature the fluffy farmyard animals known as ovis aries:

Battle Sheep from Blue Orange Games:

Sheepzzz from Hurrican Games:

4. Train Games

Trains are cool!

American Rails from Quined Games:

Russian Railroads from Z-Man Games:

5. Video Games

This board game is inspired by a classic arcade game that you might recognize.

Whacky Wit from Spielquader:

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